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xxxx Yamaha RZ500 V4 2 stroke, matching numbers street titled bike, very rare getting rarer! this bike has been sitting for several years, it is all there inc the stock wheels forks and exhaust pipes, it currently has Nikon pipes and xxxx FZRxxxx wheels forks and brakes, it does not run, the motor turns over and it has good compression, it ran fine when it was put up but time has not been good to it sitting over the years, before turning it over I removed the plugs and air box and gave everything a good coat of 2 stroke oil and let it sit for a couple of weeks to avoid scoring anything, the bodywork is in poor condition but its all there and can be made to look new again, I have all the air box parts bolts screws and brackets, these bikes are getting harder to find in any condition let alone with a street title, values of these bikes and their parts keeps going up as they get harder to find.