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EXCELLENT CONDITION,xxxx F350 lazy Daze Class C Motorhome, tan and white, low mileage, only 25,000 miles! Air conditioning, ceiling vent, large patio awning, basement storage, trailer hitch, new flooring (not a fan of carpet and it's easier to clean if you go to the beach) 2 twin beds can be turned into a king, (back) double bed over cab. Dinette makes into bed, bathroom with shower in middle section, vanity, linen closet, kitchen with sink, microwave, stove with 3 burners, oven, fan, non-smokers. CALL Cristina if interested 619-808-xxxxThese are all custom built with quality workmanship. Unlike the "mass producers" whose sole objective is to build their coaches faster and cheaper, Lazy Daze build "high end" quality coaches. The Lazy Daze exterior coach walls are covered with smooth, sectional replaceable aircraft aluminum panels, not unpainted fiberglass that is commonly used in the RV industry. These durable laminated panels can be individually replaced at a later date, if substantial body damage occurs. Aluminum is lightweight and non-flammable, as compared with fiberglass. Our motorhomes are painted with aircraft type two-part polyurethane enamel, providing an attractive, easy maintenance exterior finish. As you might expect, the roof covering on our coach is rugged, sun and tear resistant, one-piece painted aluminum - not rubber.Lazy Daze coaches are engineered to maximize handling. A low profile design has been incorporated which yields a lower center of gravity. The lower the center of gravity, the better the handling will be. Our coaches average just over ten feet in height measured from the ground to the top of the roof air conditioner.The motorhome body has been designed to cheat the wind which not only helps improve handling but fuel economy as well. The sharply angled exterior cab over nose cap has been designed to slice though the wind. The bottom side of the cab over has been cleanly integrated into the chassis cab roof to eliminate the open "pick-up camper" gap. All the exterior body corners have been rounded over and the lower body panels have a radius corner integrated into its bottom edge. Rear wheels skirts have been added to help transition the airflow past the normally open rear wheel wells. Even a sleek awning with legs that store inside an enclosed case is included.